Leather Mini Dress


A leather dress showcasing a part of the ArdAzAei Swedish heritage. With voluminous sleeves and fitted waist it is crafted from vegetable-tanned, non-toxic reindeer leather from northern Sweden. ◊ The reindeer roam free over a vast area of the northern regions and the leather is processed in a small family-owned tannery locally. ◊ Details include fabric covered buttons and front pockets.

In our Paris store and Online request

100% Reindeer leather

100% Organic silk

Made In France
In an EPV labeled atelier

Most of ArdAzAei garments can be ordered in both standard sizes and petite sizes. 

34, 36, 38, 42, 44 and 46

ArdAzAei's standard sizes follow French women's sizes and are made for a woman who is 172cm tall. 

The custom ArdAzAei petite size is adapted to better cater a woman who is approximately 160cm tall. This adaption is only different in length and not on the width of the garment.

The ArdAzAei prêt-à-porter collections are made at a French EPV-certified atelier. Choosing an EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) labeled manufacturer with a rich cultural artisanal heritage ensures that the ArdAzAei products are passionately created with the highest standards of craftmanship, expertise, and quality.