Look 10 ◊ Atria

Made of a supple reindeer leather sourced from northern Sweden, this couture creation showcases a miniskirt at the front, balanced by a long train at the back, creating a silhouette. ◊ The leather undergoes a vegetable tanning process in a small local tannery, completely free from chrome and other harmful chemicals. ◊ The leather itself is sourced from reindeer that roam freely, ensuring the utmost respect for nature. ◊ Enhancing its allure, the dress is adorned with embroidered geometrical lines in metallic thread. ◊ The embroidery is further accentuated by light-reflecting crystals, adding a sparkle to the ensemble. ◊ The train of the dress is lined with silk lurex faille, creating a lustrous silver backdrop that gracefully trails behind.