Look 24 ◊ Polaris

This evening gown showcases an intricate pleating technique, developed through a captivating collaboration between Bahareh Ardakani, the acclaimed folding artist Joan Sallas, and the pleating artisans of Les Ateliers Lognon. ◊ Drawing inspiration from ArdAzAei's emblem, Sallas translated its geometry into three-dimensional paper folds, which are then brought to life in the atelier in luxurious silk fabrics, carefully constructed into precise grids suitable for the art of pleating. ◊ Hand-folded moulds are crafted, and the delicate silk is placed within them with utmost precision, ensuring every pleat is flawlessly executed. ◊ The final creation, crafted from lightweight silk and adorned with metallic lurex, exudes a captivating play of light, thanks to its angular surface.